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“Our daughter, Eden, has really loved her first school experience as a PK-4 student at Sela. Learning Hebrew has been an exciting challenge for Eden. She delights in singing her Hebrew songs to anyone who will give her an audience. The PK-4 teachers are cheerful, knowledgeable, and deeply caring individuals. I am amazed at how focused and attentive the PK-4 class is. They lean in with great concentration as their teachers immerse them in Hebrew. The warm welcome we receive from all the staff creates a lovely atmosphere for the children to walk into each morning. Sela PCS is a gem in DC. We are so thankful to have discovered it!”

  • Elise Claire, mother of a Pre-K 4 student (Eden)


“I love that Sela incorporates diversity within its academics. The language program is awesome, especially when watching the younger kids speak and respond to their teachers in Hebrew. My favorite thing about Sela is its close knit bond. The teachers and staff are very familiar with the children.”

  • Talana Williams, mother of a Kindergarten student (Carter)















“I love Sela PCS because of the immersion program and for how it treats our children with the utmost importance and their education.”

“My favorite thing about Sela PCS is the experience the teaching staff brings to Sela and to the students which I can see in my children.”

“Attending open houses was like coming to a real family atmosphere.”

  • Jerome Jr. Mendouga, father of a Kindergarten student (Syler) and a Pre-K 3 student (Mikela)


“Sela comprises of a learning environment that informs and encourages the student’s family to be involved in their education. While my child is learning the Hebrew language, I am learning and being taught through my child. Now I know a foreign language.”

  • Lakeisha Rhoden, mother of a Kindergarten student (Samara)
















“I love the staff, the patience, attentiveness, and the time and knowledge afforded my daughter.”

“My favorite thing about Sela is her experiences. I get an interesting story each day. She doesn’t want to leave.”

“She was ill, and out a couple of days, a week actually and I loved the concern, reassurance, and understanding given while out and when she returned. She was so happy she was missed. They made sure she was caught up and on task. It is great to know your child is being taught well, taken care of, and loved.”

  • Julienne Jones, mother of a Kindergarten student (Jordin)


“I love Sela because there is a smile on everybody’s face. They always give me a report on my child. We work as a team and they are very organized.”

  • Kao Esodezan, mother of a Kindergarten student (Israel)


“I love Sela PCS because of the small family environment. I also love the educational structure. Riley’s teachers are great and caring. I don’t have one favorite thing because I like everything about the school. The school was very supportive while Riley was still transitioning to a new school.”

  • Renee McElrath, mother of a Kindergarten student (Riley)


“The teachers are great! Everyone makes you feel like family and the focus on your child’s learning success is amazing!”

  • Iyana Gonzales, mother of a Kindergarten student (Sanai)


“I love Sela PCS because it’s a small school, which means there are always ways to help so that the school can grow. My favorite thing would be the teachers. They are always willing to help and/or talk to benefit your child.”

  • Gabriel Lancaster, father of a Kindergarten student (Jayson) and a Pre-K 3 student (Monee)


“I love Sela PCS because of the great language program that’s offered. My daughter has picked up an immense learning for Hebrew and I love hearing her come home singing and talking in the native language.”

  • Sasha Ballard, mother of a Pre-K 3 student (Zahra)


"My daughter has been in the Sela language-immersion program for

only two months, and she is already able to have extensive

conversations in a foreign language. Most importantly, she begs to go

to school every day! This proof speaks to the high-quality of Sela's

teachers, who instill a true love for learning through games and songs,

all while imparting the education and life skills that compete with

the best private schools in the nation." -Shel


  • "Yshai is excited and proud to speak some Hebrew. He loves it!"

  • "Good after school and before school care"

  • "Culture - excellent diversity"


"Just a couple weeks into the school year, having never been exposed to the Hebrew language before, Lily, age 4, was already singing & counting in Hebrew! We were impressed right from the start of the school year, and have continued to be by her accomplishments, by her teachers & by the facility. We're so happy to have found Sela for our daughter!!" -Christa


"I love Sela. I really do. We only looked at it when my daughter didn't get into the "better" schools closer to our house, but now, I feel like it was destiny, because it really is THE BEST language-immersion school in the city. The performance today was unbelievable and shows how much of a totally foreign language our kids now know! Kudos to the teachers!" -Shel


"The teachers and staff are wonderful. They know each child and parent by name. They are always available whenever we have a question or need advice as to how we can ensure that our children are on track with the curriculum... The Aftercare program is very structured which I can appreciate. There's time for homework and they've also incorporated things like dramatic play and yoga! My girls are exhausted at the end of the day which lets me know they've had a full and busy day at Sela!" -Keyani


"Toby and I want to thank you for the beautiful birthday celebration for Yonah on Friday at Sela.  It was so sweet- we can see why the kids are always eagerly awaiting their birthdays!  You do such a great job of creating a community among the children." -Nechama & Toby


"My granddaughter attends Sela pre-k and I'm amazed how well she has absorbed the Hebrew language. She loves going to school and tells everyone the great things she is learning. Keep up the good work Sela staff!" -Cheryl


"My son LOVES Sela! The administration is amazing and the teachers are so caring! At first I thought learning Hebrew would be too much for him but he is doing so well adjusting. I love the close knit family environment they have. This is his first year but it won't be his last!" -Lorinda


"I love Sela, the administration and teachers here are absolutely wonderful, my son is learning so much and we have had a great experience thus far!!!" -LaToya"


"Enjoying another year at Sela. My daughter Dominiq now in 1st grade is always enthused about going to school everyday. That says a lot about the teachers and staff at Sela PCS. Looking forward to continued excellence in the years ahead." -Portia

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