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Sela Celebrates Black History Month!

February was Black History Month! Check out how Sela’s Global Citizens celebrated…

In Kindergarten (K), teachers introduced the topic of diversity to our students. Students learned to accept others and celebrate our differences. The K teachers strive to create very inclusive classroom communities, and they believe this is a great way to forge the bonds between our students. Students completed an author study on Ezra Jack Keats, who wrote books so that all children could feel as though they were represented in literature. Students also learned about contemporary and historic African Americans. By introducing both recent and older figures, the K teachers hoped to provide exposure and have our students make connections. Some of the people they covered were President Barack Obama, Ella Fitzgerald, Mae Jemison, and Ruby Bridges.

Throughout the month, our first graders honored those who helped to make the world what it is today by celebrating the achievements of famous African Americans (both past and present). They conducted research in class order to create a poster and biography about their leaders. They also used STEM and multimedia skills to create video recordings, which can be viewed through QR codes on their posters that line our hallway.

Our second grade students learned about historical figures who fought for a cause as well as important, modern-day individuals who are making history right now. Each student was randomly assigned a specific person and they gathered information about this individual's contributions through research. The assignment culminated in a final presentation, where students will perform in a wax museum. They shared facts about their person using traditional and multi-media tools with an audience of parents, teachers and schoolmates.

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