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What a wonderful first two weeks of school we’ve had!

What a wonderful first two weeks of school we’ve had!

In additional to learning classroom routines and key aspects of a responsive classroom, our students have been engaged in fantastic learning experiences in both Hebrew and English.

In Pre-K3 and Pre-K4, our students engaged in guided discovery lessons for how to share, use classroom materials, and participate in centers. They also began learning their body parts in Hebrew, such as mouth (pronounced as “peh”), nose (pronounced as “af”), head (pronounced as “rosh”), etc. through songs and books, such as Yada’im Lemala (the song “Hands Up”) and L'ibood Halach Li Z'voov (the book “The Fly Didn't Come Back”).

Our students in Kindergarten to Grade 2 who are learning Hebrew for the first time learned the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew Alphabet) song. They also learned songs, such as “Ooga, ooga, ooga, lashevet, lakoom,” which teaches them how to say stand up and sit down in Hebrew. As a part of the spiraling curriculum, the teachers added in new vocabulary for each topic, including new verbs, nouns, adjectives, and sentence structure for returning students. Both returning students and new students will receive instruction designed specifically for advancing their knowledge and acquisition of the Hebrew language at their levels.

In Kindergarten, our students were engaged in a math game.

In Grade 1, during the first few days of school, our students were excited about information about each other (such as favorite color, animal, and food).

In Grade 2, our students were engaged in Independent Reading during their Reading Workshop time.

In Art, our students used watercolors to create color wheels (which will be a part of a surprise mural).

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