Extended Learning Program 





Sela Public Charter School offers an Extended Learning

Program that furthers the school’s mission of academic excellence,

language and cultural immersion. 

The extended learning program is offered each afternoon that school is

in session from dismissal to 6pm. The after school programs is

arranged on a quarterly basis allowing students and families to

focus on themes for their child that will rotate throughout the year.

Our extended program will provide enrichment in the Hebrew

language and opportunities to engage with Israeli culture, through

dance, music and other arts. It will also offer extended time on

academic work, through Hebrew and English-language homework



A daily extended learning program includes:

  • Homework Time 

  • Israeli or Hebrew Cultural Activities

  • Snack Time

  • Drama & Theatre 

  • MyLittle Medical School

  • Lego Robotics

  • Music Appreciation

  • Chess and more!  

As the school population grows, both in numbers and age, we anticipate offering activities such as a reading club, team sports, music, Israeli dance, community service projects, and others. Families will be encouraged to enroll students in these activities as an enriching experience that will further develop social, physical, linguistic and creative skills.


Payments can be made here.